Ibi Ibrahim was born in 1987 in the United States and currently lives and works in Sana'a, Yemen.

Raised throughout the the Middle East, between Yemen, Libya, Iraq and the Unites Arab Emirates, Ibrahim reflects his multi-cultural mindset through his works of photography and film. While many of his photographs are based on his own life experiences, they often address controversial topics which conflict with the traditional Yemeni society he comes from.

In his work, Ibrahim seeks to emphasise a pivotal aspect of Middle Eastern culture and history that is accepting and open to change, regardless of conservative trends that have recently swept throughout the region. He also hopes to shed light on the the clear tradition of liberalism in the region dating back centuries which now can only reveal itself through contained spurts. Through his practice, Ibrahim engages in controversial topics in an effort to normalise public discussions about self exploration, sexuality, gender equality and freedom of expression in his country and the region as a whole.

Selected exhibitions:

2015   IDEA at Colorado College | Colorado Springs (USA) (upcoming)
2015   Light, Leaves and Yemeni Coffee | JAMM Art Gallery | Dubai
2014   It's Really Expensive | Nouvel Organon | Paris
2013   Paintings and Photographs | European Union Office | Sana'a
2013   Photos that scream | Basement Gallery | Sana'a
2012   Black & White: Absence of Color | Mpls Photo Center | Minneapolis (USA)
2011   Peace by Toby | Athr Gallery | Jeddah
2011   Gender Matters/Matters of Gender | Freedman Gallery | Reading (USA)
2010   Sana’a Fashion & Identity | Cultural House | Sana’a
2010   GLAAD OUT Auction | Metropolitan Pavilion | New York
2010   The Peace Project | Gallery 9 | Los Angeles
2010   Meridian Gallery | San Francisco
2010   Black & White Photography | KAS Gallery | Louisville (USA)
2010   La Marqueta Plaza of Harlem | New York
2010   Curate NYC | Rush Arts Gallery | New York
2010   Annual Art Market | Work Gallery | Brooklyn (USA)
2009   Zoom on Sana’a | Jamil Ghanem Institute for Fine Art | Aden
2009   Zoom on Sana’a | Cultural House | Sana’a



2015   GlogauAIR | Berlin
2014   Cité internationale des arts | Paris